That’s why you should automate your old manual mixer

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Automating a manual mixer doesn’t cost you a fortune but it can give you a lot of satisfaction

To produce quality compound, it is necessary to have reliable, flexible and automated machines. Some government are helping companies to renew machines and plants thanks to incentive plan envisaged with the Industry 4.0 campaign.

In every country, however, there are still dozens of open and closed mixers that are several years old, which mechanically have no problems but are not equipped with the technology and functions available in the new machines.

Perhaps you will think that the important thing is the reliability of the mechanics rather than the computer-based function of the new models.

But what if we add a good mechanical, even dated, to a modern and advanced supervisory program? A program that adapts the cycle according to the conditions of the raw material or to the environmental conditions and that does not depend on the operator?

Real-time control

Manual processing depends on the operator and this is a big problem. If you don’t have the right tools, you can’t check how he worked, if that day he wrong the discharge temperature or if he lengthened or shortened the cycle for some reason.

Having a program that , from your PC, tells you not only how the operator is working at that precise moment, but also how he has worked before and how many compounds he still has to make is a fundamental help in an era of great global competition .

We all know that we cannot afford waste of time and energy and that for a few cents a kilo the orders are lost. If you don’t have the right tools how do you know how much the single compound cost you? Just looking at the production sheet filled in by the operator?

Then, you might consider the idea of modifying the old electrical cabinet (or making a new one) to mount a modern PLC connected with the utilities (RAM, loading door, other).

Below you can see a typical image of a status page of an old mixer that has been equipped with the latest generation control software.

Stato Mixer

From every computer on the network (even from the office of the director) it is immediately possible to see how the mixer is working, what it must do and what parameters have been set.

On a different dedicated page, it is possible to see the work plan, divided by job orders or lots and how many compounds have been programmed for each one, since the number and order of execution can be changed.

Modern functions to make the qualitative leap without large investments

It is not true that these tools only assist large companies. They are even more useful for small companies, which are constantly changing production. If you do not have a program that automatically manages the mixer according to the recipe, it is the operator who must know how to work it for each type of compound. And if he gets sick or leave you?

The new specific software also have other interesting features. For example the control of the dosage on the polymer belt; o the management of manual or automatic scales integrated in the cycle; or the control of the traceability of components with a bar code.

It is not necessary to spend hundreds of thousands of euros to have an automatic controlled mixer with all these functions.

With Multi Data DosareX system, you can install only the mixer control module and if in the future you will have other needs you can add other software modules until you can control the entire production line.

The best guarantee: 25 years of experience

I can imagine your questions: “And if it doesn’t work?”; “If something goes wrong?”

These are legitimate questions: it is not a job to be entrusted to anyone. You need specialists with references. A bit like when you have to choose the doctor for a surgery: you would feel better if it were the most experienced, right ?

Multi Data has been in this business for 25 years. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and we can show you our professionalism.

Call now +39 059-537902 or visit our website to get an idea of ​​who we are.

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