Systems replacing and upgrading

Systems replacing and upgrading

Systems replacing and upgrading

In our sector the technological evolutions of the plants and the machines are not rapid. The mixer technology  has been the same for decades, in the same way the methods to load a scale are always the same.

It is true that new machines and new plants are more efficient, cleaner and consume less but it is possible to obtain similar performances from even very outdated plants if modernised in the right way.

It may surprise you how much more effective and productive a 30 years old mixer can be with the modern automation and a good inverter, also and especially in case the mixer was not equipped with PLC originally.

These kinds of interventions are our specialty.

If the panel is too expensive to replace, only the necessary elements are added: PLC, Inverters, safety devices. When it is viable, we change the panel directly (watch the video of the change of a turbo mixer).

In the same way we update the PLC and the also very old dosing system software to equip them with all the functions present on the new systems and now indispensable such as traceability and consumption control or information exchange with the management.

In practice we turn a very dated production line into Industry 4.0, the new industrial revolution.

At the fraction of the cost of a new machine or plant you can have the same level of control and flexibility, guaranteeing other 20 years of production.

But once again it is not enough to contact the factory electrician or the friend who knows a little about PLC. To have a reliable, guaranteed solution and to enjoy direct assistance in real time you must contact specialised companies.

Otherwise you will have to tell your electrician how to do the program and what functions the machine or plant will have and of course the responsibility is yours if it does not work properly.

Thanks to the relationship with machine and plant manufacturers, we are able to find the information necessary to update the automation and improve the performance of the line.

Even if you need mechanical modifications to the system or the machine, we can put you in contact with qualified companies that can help you best.


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