System automation software

System automation software

Simple but effective supervision: in just a few clicks you have all the information to understand which valve or motor to operate on.
System automation software

A software for the control of the plants done properly is not the aesthetically beautiful one, with many figures and a very colourful synoptic, because the purpose of a plant supervision program is to provide you with the right information in the best possible way so that you can operate in the shortest possible time.

So when you need to choose an industrial automation program, make an assessment from an operational and functional point of view.

If the PC + PLC system is done well, in theory once the production starts you could also turn off the PC, the system must continue to produce independently.

Supervision should help the operator to decide what to do in case things do not go as hoped, for example if an alarm is generated or a series of manual operations are to be performed.

In your opinion it is better to have a very elegant 3D supervision, long or complex to consult or perhaps a simpler supervision, which in just a few clicks shows you all the information and makes you understand which valve or motor to operate on?

It is easy to make beautiful drawings, but it is not easy to understand how to show the information to the operator so that he understands immediately which is really useful and essential. Even more so if you don’t know the production process well.

Most of our supervisions are used to transport and weight powders, granules and liquids, in particular all dusty components (and often difficult to manage) to produce plastics, rubber and chemicals. As a result we have adapted our supervisory software to help the operator to better manage these systems.

Those involved in production know perfectly that sometimes it is necessary to put some valves in manual mode to better unload the scale or to clean some tubes. In these cases, having the right information in the right place makes the difference between throwing a compound or retrieving it.

Our experience, gained on the field together with machine and plant manufacturers, allows us to develop software for pneumatic and dosing systems that are easy to understand but extremely powerful when we talk about traceability and reporting functions.

The technology of the SCADA or of the PLC is not important (nowadays the performances are very similar among the top players in the sector), the logic with which they are programmed is important.

Whether it is our specific software MultiStore or WinCC or even Intouch does not matter, it only changes the cost of licenses.

But the way we develop the programs is the same:

  • Data managed through SQL database;
  • Simple and complete pages;
  • Specific functions or scripts for our sectors;
  • Redundancy or recovery of a broken PC as quickly as possible

We program the main PLC, in particular Siemens, Rockwell and Omron.

  • SCADA TechnologyMicrosoft .Net, Siemens WinCC, Wonderware Intouch, Rockwell Factory Talk, Progea Movicon
  • Graphics Management Synoptic and pages in Full HD 1920 * 1080 suitable for the use of the touch screen where provided
  • Data managementSQL Database with Microsoft engine
  • Communication with PLCProprietary high-efficiency drivers, OPC
  • Redundancy \Cold backup Standard with the installation of at least 2 PCs
  • Hot redundancy On demand
  • PLCSiemens (all series), Rockwell (Compact and ControlLogix), Omron (all series)

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