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Solgomma (Empoli -Italia)
Technical compound production plant

Complete updating of the mixing room with the supervision of all the manual and automatic dosing stations and the control of the vertical mixer.

This is what the customer tells us a few months after testing:

Stefano Talini
Der-Gom (Italia)
Control of mixing lines

DerGom has been one of the first Italian industries to produce technical compounds for the market since the 1970s. With a view to modernizing the production process and improving the quality, efficiency and traceability of our products, we have sought an automation company capable of intervening safely on existing systems and guaranteeing certain implementation times in order not to risk losing days of unscheduled production.

We met Multi Data, their experience in compound plants was immediately evident and we therefore decided to entrust them with the updating of the entire production line. The experience of the technicians involved during testing and the specific software for our sector made it possible to limit the days of plant downtime to a minimum (even lower than initially expected). Remote assistance via the internet is almost immediate and in this way operators can count on fast and punctual assistance in case of difficulty.

We hope that the cooperation undertaken will last for a long time and may herald further future developments.

Giorgio Bolis
Tarkett (Narni Scalo – Terni -Italy)
Linoleum production plant

Tarkett S.p.A. based in Narni scalo (Tr) is a manufacturing industry specialized in the production of linoleum flooring. On our site we have many production plants including scales, weighing belts, vertical mixers and rolling mills. In the current year (2018) a modernization of one of our main production lines has been necessary and in the view of expanding it with the integration of new weighing and component dosing systems. Assumed the complexity of the work, in which the first step included the replacement of the old electrical control panel with a completely new one, but at the same time leaving the field plant unchanged, and the second step the integration of a new and substantial weighing and dosing plant section which in turn is equipped with a latest generation graphic interface, we decided to entrust Multi Data, our supplier for many years, with the entire project.

The experience and professionalism of the technicians made available by Multi Data, allowed us to meet the deadlines imposed by production, not to get trapped in situations of technical criticality, which normally emerge for this type of intervention, which I would call Hybrid Solutions, but above all allowed us to have a in-house perfectly functioning automation plant, of excellent workmanship and which made a great technological leap possible, with consequent advantages under the point of view of production, safety, quality and analysis of process data.

Egidio Bonanni
La Triveneta Cavi s.p.a. (Italy)
Powder and liquid weighing

I am responsible for a granular PVC compound production plant for coating electrical cables. This plant was created more than 25 years ago and has grown exponentially over time in terms of size and production volumes. Over the years the plant has been adapted to our needs with a strong customization, a continuous work that lasted many years. In 2012 we became aware of the non-postponing need for a complete revamping of the automation system.

Selecting a company to which to assign the task was not easy, both because the time for the execution of the work was short, and this implied that things worked well immediately, both for the complexity of the software that we had customized in an extreme way over the years. As is normally done on these occasions, we evaluated offers of various companies, but given the specific type of our plant (dosages, silos management, product traceability, other) and on the advice of our trusted suppliers, we contacted Multi Date with which the relationship was immediately positive. First of all with regards to the safety and preparation that they showed us in relation to our technical needs. Subsequently with regards to the punctuality and quality of the work done. The results were excellent, to the satisfaction of the operators, who particularly appreciated the complete, simple and intuitive graphical interface of the supervision.

Giancarlo Cappellari
Sovere s.p.a. (Verona-Italy)
Powder and liquid dosing for PVC production

Founded in 1976 to meet the demands of the footwear industry, Sovere is today a leading company in the production of compounds for various sectors of use. The application of the typical philosophy of the fashion sector, creativity and innovation, rapid design and maximum service efficiency, has allowed Sovere to be today an important reality for many users. Our plants undergo continuous evolution and modifications due to the numerous new formulations that the market requires.

We were looking for a capable and professional collaborator, specialized in our sector and we found one in Multi Data. I am satisfied with Multi Data, they are always ready to meet my requests and needs.

Marco Bonaveri
Klein (Valverde del Majano – Segovia – Spain)
High pressure rubber pipe production plant

Multi Data has been working with Klein SA for over 14 years in the supply of software and materials for the automatic dosing plant and control of rubber mixers. The technology provided has allowed us to evolve our way of working, obtaining total flexibility to the demands of production. The service offered is agile, fluid and reliable, which is why we consider Multi Data a strategic know-how provider.

Alberto Gómez de Castro
CYGSA (Mendavia – Navarra – Spain)
PVC production plant

We are dedicated to the production of high quality plastic compounds, our customers ask us for flexibility in production and constant innovation in products. To achieve this, our production plants must always be technologically advanced and efficient.

For over 10 years we have entrusted Multi Data with the automation of the main plants, which has always proved to be capable and professional in understanding our needs and realizing what is required. We can always count on them also for continued technical assistance, I would say it is a collaborator rather than a simple supplier.

Joaquin Gil Gilaberte
ILPEA INDUSTRIE  (Malgesso – Italy)
PVC production plant

Industrie Ilpea is a leading company in the production of rubber and plastic profiles in the automotive and home appliance sectors. In our headquarters in Malgesso, in which our most important centre for the production of raw materials is based, we have entrusted Multi Data, with which we have been collaborating for several years, with the management of the dosing plants.

During the last update of the line we have also entrusted them with the control of the turbomixer, integrating the dosage, the mixing cycle and the supervision of the granulation extruder in a single interface. The result was excellent and allowed us to improve our manufacturing processes. Assistance was available and with a high level.

Giulio Cittadini
Sicer (Poggio Torriana – Rimini – Italy)
Production plant of vitrified products for the ceramic industry

Sicer s.p.a. is among the most important national companies that produce vitrified and decorative products for surfaces. We wanted to increase control over the raw material dosing processes and product traceability in our factory in Poggio Torriana. Our production is very special so we needed a company that could understand the process and develop the best solution.

We found the right partner in Multi Data, thanks above all to their experience in the dosage and treatment of the powdered raw material. They created a specific application that fully responds to our requests. Also the assistance was ready and fast in solving the small anomalies that such a complex project entails.”

Roberto Vallicelli
Evathink (Aspe – Alicante – Spain)
Production plant of expanded EVA sheets

Evathink is a company dedicated to producing EVA sheets for different applications. We were looking for a plant to control the manual dosing of the components in order to improve the quality and the traceability of the products. The standard solutions, even if they were cheaper, could not be adopted since the working method is specific and we did not want to waste much time in these processes.

Multi Data is a specialist in rubber plants and has a great experience in the sector, the proposed solution adapts to our way of working and guarantees us a true control over the dosed components, the consumptions and the traceability of our compounds. The program is complete and simple and assistance from Italy is immediate.

Jose Enrique Garcia
Vigar-Hexpol (Barcellona – Spain)
Rubber compound production plant

Hexpol S.L. is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of rubber compounds for third parties. For more than forty years this company, previously called Vigar S.A., has dedicated its efforts to produce a series of materials that are highly appreciated for the cables and automotive industries.

To produce a high quality product, we have our chemicals section (small components) which, thanks to the continuous modernization of the line and the software, has reached a degree of production efficiency that could not have taken place without the collaboration of our technological partner Multi Data.

This company specialized in both software and hardware level has been of great help in the optimization and reduction of costs in our sector. I would like to add that the assistance service is always available and the assistance hotline is very effective and convenient.

Joan Garcia
DIAB (Longarone-Italy)
Powder and liquid dosage

I deal with the management of the investments that are carried out within the Longarone plant. Investments can be of various kinds, from simple modifications on existing plants to more complex automations that require a more detailed design and study. In this regard, we managed with Multi Data the transition from paper to automation of the component dosing phase for the realization of our product. The project was complex since it was necessary to guarantee the traceability of all products and their correct dosing by interfacing with more existing plants. I appreciated Multi Data for their competence and willingness to interface with our technical and production personnel, the after-sales aspect was highly appreciated with timely assistance in remote assistance in case of need.

Angelo Baldovin
A.Piovan (Borgoricco-Italy)
Technical Rubber Compounds
A. Piovan is one of the most important companies in the production of rubber cylinder covers and jointless conveyor belts.

With a view to updating the production processes, we have decided to invest heavily in various sectors.
In particular, we wanted to make the cycle of our closed and open mixers automatic and completely supervised. Being a little dated mixers, one of these without even the PLC, we needed an expert company that could also adapt the program to our way of producing.
Multi Data was immediately able to understand our needs and created an effective program to control the compound. Even when we needed assistance, they always became available in a very short time.
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