Multi Data was born in 1994 to bring a new automation concept in the field of pneumatic conveying and dosing systems that were at that time managed by primordial electromechanical and electronic hybrid solutions.

We started with systems to transport calcium carbonate and resin for PVC production and we have never stopped since then. The evolution of plastics and their use have led to the need to transport and dose new mineral fillers, polymers and granules. We realise solutions to automate complete lines of PVC but also to feed the gravimetric feeders upstream of the extruders or to bring the granule to the extruders themselves.

Where it is necessary to dose a component or have control of the extrusion line, our specialised solutions help factory automation.


Via Paletti, 8 – 41051
Castelnuovo Rangone (MO)

Tel:  +39 059537902
Fax: +39 059537780