How we turned a big problem into an opportunity for growth

We do everything to avoid mistakes and not put the customer in difficulty. We don’t always succeed. But what matters is what happens next.

«The mistake simply gives us the opportunity to start getting smarter.».

This phrase from Henry Ford came to my mind the other night, at the end of a heart-stopping day: it had happened that DosareX, our ultra-modern software for managing the mixing rooms, had stopped, no way to start again, blocking the production of a customer just when the machines would have to run at full speed to meet delivery times.

You know the Murphy’s law?

Not only the software had stopped, but he had decided to do it in the middle of the night, when there was no one at the EDC, our offices were closed and the maintenance manager at night was absent.

Result: a loss of over 7 hours of production until the next morning at 8 when we were contacted and, in a few minutes, we restored the system.

What had happened? Even today we do not know for sure.

Certainly we know that it was our Titanic, because the trouble involved one of our most advanced systems, moreover mounted on a cutting-edge system.

And it is not enough (even if it is true) to know that there are no infallible systems. Nor (and this is also true) that we were able, without losing a second, to restart the system.

We simply do not want episodes like this to be repeated: for us, excellence has a precise meaning and is not a slogan.

And do you want to know, then, what happened a moment after production started up again? We sat down to study and develop an alert system.

Thus a new independent program was born, a sort of “GUARDIAN“, with the task of cyclically interrogating the various components of our systems to verify if they are “alive” and respond, alerting the various managers via e-mail in the negative case and, indeed, independently try to restore the stalled component.

And if before, our system was among the safest in the industrial field, it will be even more so when this “Guardian” is perfected.

We have already installed it in some test plants and soon we will install it at all our customers with a PLATINUM and DIAMOND service contract (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look here).

The good news for you?

This new element of our DosareX system will be standard in all new systems developed, so it will also protect your system.

There are more demanding days than others.

The one I told you about was VERY challenging, but in the end it allowed us to grow even more and guarantee even more safety for our customers.

Our mistake was to not expect a similar event to happen in those precise circumstances. How likely were they? Few, very few. And yet it happened.

This mistake, however, also gave us the opportunity to “become smarter” by making us make a remarkable leap forward.

If you want to know in detail what the “Guardian” does, write to me at or call me at +39 059 537902: I will be happy to give you all the information and assess whether your system can also be equipped with this new function.

Buona vita

Claudio Tosi


    Claudio Tosi

    Nato nel 1974 a Modena, si è diplomato all'istituto superiore Enrico Fermi in elettronica e telecomunicazioni. Dopo l'anno di militare ha iniziato il suo percorso professionale come tecnico programmatore presso la Multi Data s.r.l. Dopo oltre 20 anni di lavoro, si occupa di seguire i nostri clienti nel settore plastica e gomma, aiutandoli a migliorare la produzione e ridurre errori e costi.

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