Extrusion and mixing

Extrusion and mixing

Weighing components is only part of the process in the production of rubber or plastic compound. Mixers, calenders, extruders or batch offs are similarly involved to obtain the required product.

Until a few years ago these elements were considered as stand-alone; each section had its own control and the operator had to act on different interfaces to schedule production or solve problems.

An innovative software for extrusion and mixing

Multi Data has always been involved in creating software for the main machines involved in the line thanks to the direct collaboration with their manufacturers.

The most important manufacturers allow us to manage their machines, even new ones, without this affecting the guarantee of the machine because they know how we work and the specific experience in the field.

This allows us to have different modules integrated into the system DosareX in order to manage the entire mixing and extrusion line through a single, powerful software; installable on every PC to control the entire process from each station; without having to move from one room to another or learn different programs. And with just one company in case you need assistance.

Even in the case of extruders or mixers with independent software, our experience and the relationship with the main manufacturers of the sector also allows us to integrate some functions of these machines on our supervisors to have everything under control.

With DosareX your plant has no secrets

There are two alternatives:

  • managing every part of the line independently and blindly;
  • integrating all the essential information in the central supervision to be able to manage production in the most complete and simple way possible.

In the first case machines do not communicate with each other; any change to the production process must be made on each machine involved; if production or traceability data are required, they must be collected from the different interfaces (PCs or panels), each with its own program and limits.

In case of a problem, for example on the compound, each machine must be analyzed individually to understand what is not working.

In the second case, DosareX directly manages the main parts of the line while exchanging data with the others to have all the information at your fingertips and to better manage, sitting in front of a PC, production and the problems that, as you know, are part of the job.

Wouldn’t you like to improve the efficiency of your mixer or extruder and work with a little more peace of mind?

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