Electrical panels for plants and machines

Electrical panels for plants and machines

Electrical panels for plants and machines

To have reliable plant and machine there are 3 things you need to pay attention to:

  • The electrical panel
  • The software
  • The commissioning

If one of these components is not perfect, you may have problems in the factory and when we talk about problems we are talking about a plant stop and a lack of production.

A few hundred Euros saved on the switchboard thanks to the use of second brands or inaccurate workmanship will not make you richer but can instead create considerable stomachache.

Just think that one of our competitors to save and offer cheaper panels has decided to make himself some boards, now they are on bankruptcy and all the facilities where these boards were used are literally desperate.

We realise the electrical panels with the highest constructive quality using only top-notch components.

We decided to build and test all the electrical panels internally, when a switchboard is ready, a programmer goes to the workshop and literally tests every wire.

In the same way, inverters and other equipment are configured to have the switchboard ready for on-site testing.

A panel or even just a PC does not come out if it has not been fully tested before.

Of course these processes take time and are extra costs to charge on the panel but how much would it cost you a problem in testing for a non-functioning inverter or a broken board?

We realise the electrical panels used in our plants:

  • Switchboards for the dosing plant;
  • Switchboards for Turbo mixers;
  • Switchboards for Extruders;
  • Switchboards for rubber mixers both closed and open;
  • Switchboards for automatic dosing machines;

In the event that the system or the machine is in an ATEX environment, we design and realise increased safety or explosion-proof switchboards.


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