Dosing stations

Dosing stations

Dosing stations

If you work in our sectors, you will certainly need to dose components.

Whether they are chemicals or pigments it does not matter.

If you do not have an automatic system you need to weigh also the polymers and the mineral fillers.

On the market there are dozens of scales with programmable displays, but they are for general purpose and do not consider the actual needs of our sectors.

Also, the management of consumption and recipes is often very complicated.

To meet the production needs of our customers, we develop several manual or semi-automatic dosing stations.

These are also specific modules and they are part of the DosareX method, then from the same location where you program the automatic dosing system or the mixer, you can send, manage and control the production of manual stations collecting the data of consumption, traceability and production and tying them to the main production.

The operating mode with which they were developed is specific to the needs of the plastics and rubber industry.

For example, you can load the same component onto multiple bags to save time or manage the barcode on the chemical bag and check it before inserting it into the mixer.

If you always must weigh some components, you can add automatic feeder and create a small dosing line.

Of course the standard solutions of the various manufacturers of scales are cheaper but they force you to adapt to how they have been programmed without taking full advantage of the real important cost represented by the dosing operator.

  • Recipes management Up to 1000 recipes can be stored, each recipe contains the list of components, the set-point and the tolerance of each of these
  • Type of dosageSingle component weight, same component for multiple cycles. Full recipe execution, to dose each component on the single cycle then pass to the next cycle. Mixed mode, main components dosed as a single component, small chemical complete cycle weight.
  • Component verification and traceabilityVerification by barcode of the individual component and registration of the batch by bar code
  • SynopticGraphic page with all the recipe and component data loaded
  • Reportdetailed reports on the measured components, on their batch and on the production times
  • Barcode on bagBarcode printing for bag/container traceability

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