Dosing plants

Dosing plants

The dosing of several products is required for the creation of compounds, both in the plastic sector and in the rubber and food sector.

Even in case of small productions in which the operator weight the components manually, this operation plays a fundamental role. A good finished product can be obtained only if the starting compound is exactly as requested by the laboratory or your customer.

Dosing with automatic or manual scales

There are different types of industrial scales, both automatic and manual.

The automatic ones equipped with mechanical parts, controlled by electronic devices (PLC), independently manage all the operations so that the quantity requested in the recipe is performed at the discharge of the scales.

Manual scales require the operator to add or remove the quantity indicated in the recipe.

Multi Data wanted to specialize in computer control of automatic and manual dosing system.

Perfect dosing with the right software

It may seem trivial to start screw conveyor to load carbonate into a weighed hopper, but it is not.

In order to achieve perfect weighing and complete reporting, the software must be equipped with all the necessary functions, even for simple plants.

For example, a page is necessary to manage the recipes, create them and modify them. Depending on the plant, it may be necessary to manage the load in different phases or unload the scales in different phases and all this must be settable by the recipe.

Each scale and each extraction point related to the scales must have all the necessary parameters able to refine the dosage and manage the problems related to the flying material, packaged material or other.

With regards to the production management you need to be able to set up a work plan, at least daily, with the various recipes and cycles for each of them.

Finally, but very important, it is necessary to guarantee complete traceability and reporting in order to know how much raw material have been consumed, and to be certain that the dosage matches the recipe.

Multi Data module software

Before buying a software to manage your dosing plant – the plant that allows you to sell and pay salaries every month – make sure that:

  • it is realized by experienced professionals in your field;
  • it is at least equipped with the functions we have talked about;
  • it is flexible so that it can follow your production and the requests of your customers.

Multi Data solutions allow much more than this.

We have developed (and continue to do so) different specific modules to manage every need, from barcode or RFID management to the integration with logistics software.

Whether we need to manage automatic or manual scales, we have developed specific functions to allow a weighing without waste, in the shortest possible time and with all the reporting and traceability required by the most demanding customer.

Remember: a good finished product can be obtained only if the starting compound is exactly as requested by the laboratory or your customer. So put yourself in the hands of those who are the experts in your field: we have been doing this for 25 years.

To get a demo of our softwares and understand how they can improve the efficiency of your dosing plant, contact us by filling out the following form.


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