Since 2009, year that marked an epochal change for us, we have decided to develop all our automations with our DosareX innovative method

Until then we worked only for plant and machine builders and we created unique software for each plant, as all our competitors still do today. Whenever the customer asked for a modification to the system to add, for example, a new scale or new components, a specific modification to the software and a complete new testing of the software was required with obvious costs for the customer and the risk of making mistakes in programming the changes.

Moreover, the software was fairly independent entity, which was able to guarantee only a few exchanges of information between the various machines.

The immediate consequence of a management done in this way was the risk of not always having everything under control: if something in your production plant stopped working properly, you were forced to lose a day running from one machine to another and from a computer to the other to see where the problem was. And if you couldn’t get in touch with the technician who designed that specific program, you were in trouble.

Since 2009, year of the crisis in the industrial sector, we have decided to open ourselves to the market of end customers by accepting the requests that came from them. So we created DosareX.

Now, when it comes to having control over a production line that starts with the silos and ends with the finished product pallet, you can choose between:

  • using as many independent programs as the number of suppliers, each controlling a part of the line and not communicating with others;
  • having a single supervisory program that controls most of the plants and machines present on the line and that interfaces and communicates perfectly with the machines equipped with their supervision, such as extruders

Exact! This second road is the only one that guarantees greater control and better management of data flows, for example for traceability or for consumption control (of raw or electrical materials). And it allows you to understand at a glance, sitting comfortably in your office, where  to watch in case of necessity.

DosareX was born from the need to make efficient the control of all the machines of the production cycle of compounds.

It is flexible because you can install (and pay) only the modules you need, knowing that you can always add new ones in the future without redoing it all over again. For example, if today you have a mixer without polymer belt because you load everything by hand, you don’t need this module; but if in the future you decide to buy the belt you will be able to add the relevant module by controlling it from the same supervision software you already have.

Similarly, if you have a plastic installation that loads a turbo mixer not controlled by us, you won’t have to install and pay for the Turbo mixer module and you can continue to work as always with digital signals. When you want to change or modernise the electrical panel, you can add the turbo mixer control module and thus, from a single supervision, have total control of the cycles of this machine.

DosareX allows you to have an efficient and customisable automation, that follows the pace of growth of your factory: when you add new silos or new scales, you simply install only the new components you need, without redoing the program.

DosareX, therefore, allows you to get important savings, because the evolution of the plant is accompanied by the one of the automation.


DosareX Vertical

Almost all productions have to add small components such as accelerators, stabilizers or simple colored pigments.
Until now you had 2 possibilities to prepare them: use simple manual scales or install complex automatic dosing machines.
But these solutions have problems.

The automatic stations, in addition to the high cost, work well on large productions.

Manual scales, with the operator preparing the components looking at a sheet or a monitor, do not guarantee you any control and expose you to costly production errors.

Our DosareX Vertical solution allows you to manually (but very effectively) dose the components that are stowed in a special automatic vertical warehouse and have up to 7 automatic dispensers for repetitive components or that you use in large quantities.


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