Consultancy, testing and assistance

Consultancy, testing and assistance

Consultancy, testing and assistance

It is not enough to buy modern and expensive machines or use mechanical and electronic branded components to have a reliable line.

Each important project must start from the correct design and must end with an accurate test.

Too often these elements are not sufficiently considered by the management at the time of deciding for a new project or for a simple upgrade.

There are several ways to load a scale with titanium dioxide, there are several ways to manage a rubber mixer or a turbo Mixer.

Similarly, testing a plant can take 10 days or 2 months and it does not always depend on how large the plant is.

The mechanical manufacturer often does not have much knowledge of automation and computer control of the plant and cannot suggest important functions or on the contrary it gives everything for granted when in fact it is not.

A fundamental part of our work is to support the manager or the plant manufacturer BEFORE the new line or the expansion of the plant is commissioned to understand the needs of production and to suggest the most indicated solutions.

Even the best system if installed incorrectly or not optimally or tested quickly will always give problems.

Whether they are real plant stops for bugs in the software or simple losses of productions because for example a scale does not discharge properly, these problems can be avoided with the right installation and even more with the right testing.

It’s not just a matter of how many days the testing takes, a technician with the right experience, who knows your process because he only does that, can make the difference between a system that will produce for years without problems or continuous stomachache.

All our junior technicians are trained on the systems together with the expert colleagues and technologists of the plant and machine manufacturers for at least 2 years.

All our software is tested in our laboratory before commissioning, in order to avoid the 99% of trivial programming errors.

Despite all our efforts, it may happen that there are problems after testing, even at a distance of months or years.

A sequence tested with one component could cause problems with another one that has not been tested, or a new formula does not behave as it should.

Only in these cases you really appreciate the value of an automation company.

Multi Data with its 10 expert programmers guarantees you remote assistance in minutes instead of hours or days as some of our “colleagues” do.

It doesn’t matter if the person who followed your test is on the other side of the world, there will be other technicians who know your process that can help you.

Even if you need to take an urgent plane with spare parts, within a few hours an expert technician can reach you and restart production.

We can do this because we only deal with a few types of plants.

Now I want to show you our after-sales technical assistance programs, our five star services:

The Silver assistance program is the first level to get in touch with Multi Data after-sales services.

It guarantees immediate access to online or offline technical assistance and can be used only once (for a single problem) up to a maximum of 6 hours of assistance even if not continuous.

The advantage in owning the Silver contract before the actual use is to have immediate assistance because there are no bureaucratic or technical delays (order and payment management, connection verification, verification of assistance tools).

Allows those who subscribe to the Gold assistance contract up to 40 hours a year for technical assistance or plant management (such as improving a dosage or the performance of a mixer).

Up to 40 separate requests for assistance per year are possible.

Furthermore it guarantees a tariff for technical interventions in field reduced compared to the standard market price.

The Platinum program is dedicated to medium to large installations where it is not only necessary to have assistance as quickly as possible but where small changes to the software are often required to improve production or change the operating cycle.

Instead of managing small orders for these changes, the contract guarantees up to 50 hours a year at the disposal of the plant managers authorized by the contract to request changes.

This reduces the bureaucratic time and consequently the speed of installation of the changes themselves.

Represents our most exclusive assistance program. The Diamond program, in addition to guaranteeing immediate assistance and up to 50 hours to make changes to the system’s software, guarantees the availability of compatible spare parts for PLC, Inverter and cell amplifiers within 24 hours of the request.

In practice, in the event of failure of these components, within 24 hours a technician will be with the customer with compatible parts to restart the system immediately.

The contract also includes 1 day of field assistance to install spare parts, perform backups or make small changes requested by the customer.

It is the most suitable contract for companies that cannot afford to stop production longer than a few hours and do not want to worry about spare parts for the electronic components of the panels.


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