Plant Automation is our DNA

When you need to build or update the production plant control system, the true heart of the company, the choice of supplier is critical. Non-optimised automation can cause errors, delays, downtime.

Multi Data is the first italian company 100 percent focused in automations of dosing and mixing plants for plastics and rubber. We work to bring you the best solutions suitable for your company, thanks to DosareX, our innovative all-in-one modular system.

DosareX is the platform on which all the software dedicated to the control of the entire production line are realised.

For those who build plants

Our software solutions based on Siemens, Rockwell and Omron PLC and on dedicated supervision or commercial SCADA allow us to guarantee the commissioning time, reducing them even by 30% on average compared to the competitors. This is because we use functions already operative in dozens of plants and machines and because all our panels and software are tested in our laboratory (also in the presence of the customer) before shipment and commissioning.

For those who already have a plant

Imagine a company where when you call for assistance even the administrative staff knows what a load cell, a rotary valve or a RAM piston are. Well, that company is Multi Data. Our strength is to be specialised in the plastic and rubber sectors. So unlike similar companies, we know every aspect and every issue. You couldn’t put your plant in better hands.


Thanks to specialisation in the plastics and rubber sectors, Multi Data can guarantee unmatched solutions and service times.

The staff is composed of 16 specialised technicians that allow to offer complete solutions, from electrical design to after-sales assistance.

When you have a problem with the system, the last thing you need is to hear that the technician who followed you is not there. Our 10 programmers prevent that from happening. Our customers with assistance contracts receive help in minutes instead of hours, as happens with other less structured companies.

Our history

We were born in 1994, when industrial automation was in the early days. And we were born to favour the transition from electromechanical panels to panels with PC and PLC of the first systems built by the few specialised companies of the time. From the outset our goal has been to innovate the sector and help companies to evolve and become competitive, improving their production process.

Even at the cost of bothering. Our competitors at the time, big and old companies, little inclined to new technology, have often put a spoke in the wheels.

But this did not stop us: thanks to really smart people, who at the time designed the plants with a pencil and set square and who understood the advantage of our method, we became a consolidated reality. None of our old competitors are still alive.

At the beginning, as everyone does (a little for fear of being left without a job, a little to try new roads), we have had experience in various sectors, from thermal processes (dryers and hoven for brick and sanitary) to logistics plants .

Even if we decided to deal only with plants and machines for plastics and rubber, all these experiences have served us to develop the many modules that we offer with our innovative method DosareX, from the logistics of raw materials to the control of Thermal extrusion and mixing processes.

Our headquarters are located in Castelnuovo Rangone, in the province of Modena, the heart of the Motor Valley and the ceramic district, but we have never dealt with these sectors for our own choice.

Multi Data today is focused on offering more and more complete solutions to ensure a true control of the production plant and help companies to win the challenge of flexibility and quality. That is innovation and competitiveness.


Via Paletti, 8 – 41051
Castelnuovo Rangone (MO)

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